With Electro-Bike, cover more kilometres with less effort!

What is an electric power-assisted bike?

An electric power-assisted bike is not a motorcycle: it is, first of all, a bicycle, and you still need to pedal. However, the bicycle is equipped with an electric motor which makes all the difference. If and when needed, the motor provides assistance and helps you move forward without you having to provide too much effort.

What are the advantages of an electric power-assisted bike?

It lifts the physical and moral barriers of outdoor enthusiasts who hesitate before booking a bike ride. This bicycle will enable you to travel greater distances in less time, and without too much effort. It, therefore, represents a real helping hand for amateur cyclists and tourists: by not lagging behind, you will be better equipped to enjoy the beautiful Mauritian scenery!

Who can ride an Electro-Bike?

Everyone! Couples, children, senior cyclists, sedentary people, persons with reduced mobility or those doubting their physical capabilities.

Do you and your partner do not have the same physical strength, or you haven’t been exercising in a while, or maybe you have health problems or limited physical capabilities? The Electro-Bike was made for you!

Everyone can choose their own level of difficulty, but the real advantage of the Electro-Bike is that it allows you to easily maintain a pace beyond your usual capacities. This means you can enjoy an active holiday in Mauritius, while rejuvenating yourself in nature.

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Minimum height for riding an Electro-Bike: 1m47