Rs 2,960 ≃ 73 Euros

Will be provided: Free entrance to Seven Coloured Earths, water, seasonal fruits, Chamarel coffee, fresh fruit juice and a safety helmet.

Discover the authenticity of the South-West

Your ride is a truly pleasurable experience with Electro-Bike (electric power-assisted bike), with little physical effort required, you get to enjoy the scenery and discover the island’s landscapes and meet some of the inhabitants of Mauritius.

Our wish is to make you discover the authentic aspects of our island in simplicity and with a dash of good humour: historical monuments, remnants of the colonial era, breathtaking scenery, authentic fishing villages…


The route

Our ride begins on the mountain top, at “Le Chamarel” restaurant where you have the opportunity of tasting a locally made coffee while enjoying the spectacular panoramic view. Before heading towards the Seven Coloured Earths and the waterfall, we visit the Sainte-Anne Chapel for some historical insight. We then make our way to admire the Old Chimney of a former sugar factory located in the area before finally reaching the foot of the small Fantasy Mountain which peaks at 240m (yes, we ride downhill!).

We will continue towards the charming fishing village of Cape Bay for a small refueling, before joining the monument in honor of the Australian shipwrecked. We will finish the walk at the “Place du Moulin” in Bel Ombre where you can walk and buy small souvenirs …

Practical information

Always escorted by a safety vehicle, our qualified guides will stop at strategic locations to provide insight and to allow you to contemplate the magnificent landscapes.

Departure: 8.30 a.m. – Arrival: 12.15 p.m.

  • Starting point: “Le Chamarel” Restaurant.
  • Finishing point: “Place du Moulin” in Bel Ombre.
  • Duration: approx. 3hrs.
  • An itinerary and safety rules debrief by the guide, etc.
  • Will be provided: Free entrance to Seven Coloured Earths, water, seasonal fruits, Chamarel coffee, fresh fruit juice and a safety helmet.
  • To bring: Sports shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • You will be afforded the opportunity of buying local souvenirs. Bring spare cash as credit cards cannot be used.
  • As the excursion starts in Chamarel and finishes in Bel Ombre, we propose arranging a taxi for you at an additional cost of Rs 750 in order to get back to the starting point and your vehicle. This amount will have to be settled in cash with the taxi driver.

We reserve the right to cancel the ride in the event of torrential rainfall. If you wish to cancel or postpone your ride; three possibilities are provided as follows:

  • 48h prior to the event = full refund
  • 24h prior to the event = 50% refund
  • On the day of the event = non-refundable

In the event of unexpected bad weather after the ride has begun, the ride shall not be refundable. We will, however, do our best to adapt to the situation and make the remaining journey as pleasant and as satisfactory as possible.


Photos of your ride in Mauritius will be available on CD for a price of Rs 800.

Number of  participants

Maximum number of participants for each ride: 12 persons.


For the entire duration of the ride and for all our rides, a safety vehicle will escort the group on drivable roads.

For the comfort, safety and experience of everyone, all children must (prior to the outing) have a good bike-riding ability and must be at least 1.47m or more in height.


A bit of history

Coffee talk…

Chamarel is a tiny village of seven hundred inhabitants, and is famous for its seven-coloured earths: a rare geological phenomenon – the erosion has exposed the dunes formed from volcanic ash, leaving them with colours ranging from brown to ochre, or even pink, orange and violet… However, the village and surroundings have much more to offer than the usual tourist clichés. There is, for example, the old Sainte-Anne Chapel dating back to 1876, which is a place of pilgrimage on Assumption Day as well as a place where popular festivities are celebrated. Or even the one-and-only coffee factory in Mauritius; a strong-tasting Arabica, cultivated on 16 hectares of land, carefully chosen to suit the region’s temperature, rainfall, soil quality and hours of sunshine…

Jean Louis Lousteau was the first owner of the lands of Chamarel and it is only in 1785 that it will be passed down to his sons-in-law, Toussaint and Charles-Antoine de Chazal de Chamarel. The latter settled there in 1793 and provided wood to the colony by exploiting the forests, and also cultivated, among other things, coffee and sugar cane. The first sugar factory is only built in 1845, but stopped its activities in 1897: we can today contemplate the factory’s chimney at “La Vieille Cheminée” estate…