SOUILLAC – Rs 3,290 ≃ 82 Euros

Will be provided: Lunch at a local resident, water, coffee, fresh fruit juice, seasonal fruits and a safety helmet.

The wild and authentic South

Riding an Electro-Bike (electric power-assisted bicycle) comes with the added advantage of significant assistance, therefore allowing you to enjoy the scenery, to abandon yourselves to the myriad of sensations offered by Mauritius, to be closer to the local population and to simply live and share one of the most authentic of experiences.

Small fishing villages, stunning waterfalls, the sparkling waters of the ocean crashing against the cliffs, gorgeous panoramas, peaceful gardens, historical sites… So many sites and milestones of the beauty of our island and of its rich history that will inspire your very own memories…

The route

The ride begins at the “Place du Moulin” in Bel Ombre, where we head towards La Baie de Jakotet and then in the direction of the village of Rivière des Galets. Thereafter, we discover the Batelage of Grand River South-East, the former harbour of Souillac. We also visit one of the oldest churches in Mauritius, the church of Saint-Jacques. We then make a stop at the charming Telfair Gardens, the colonial judiciary and the former train station.

From the top of the Gris-Gris cliffs at “La Nef”, former house of the poet, R. E. Hart, we get to enjoy the spectacular view that the poet so loved before visiting “La Roche Qui Pleure” (The Weeping Rock). Upon the return journey, we get to taste some delicious local meals thanks to the generous and dynamic Mrs Mala; an unforgettable moment of generosity and local hospitality. We then hit the road again, and our next stop is St Felix, where we enjoy a snack and head to the Riambel public beach and continue our journey to the Bel Ombre Sugar Estate which marks the end of our ride.

N.B. Throughout the ride, your guide will stop at various strategic sites so as to share the history and tales of the area, to give the opportunity for a few snapshots or to simply relax a little.

Optional – for sports groups: The waterfall of Rochester Falls
Available for a group of at least 10 persons: immerse yourself in nature and then take a refreshing dip at these wonderful waterfalls. The trail through the sugar cane fields leading to the waterfall takes an additional forty minutes and requires additional effort. It is advisable that participants are in good shape for this, but this getaway is worth the extra effort.

Practical Information

Our qualified guides, escorted by a safety vehicle, provide useful and factual information throughout the ride at strategic sites and provide opportunities for you to appreciate the magnificent scenery along the route.

Departure: 8.30 a.m. – Arrival: 3.00 p.m.

  • Starting point: “Place du Moulin” in Bel Ombre.
  • Finishing point: “Place du Moulin” in Bel Ombre.
  • Duration: approx. 6 hrs.
  • An itinerary and safety rules debrief by the guide, etc.
  • Will be provided: Lunch at a local resident, water, coffee, fresh fruit juice, seasonal fruits and a safety helmet.
  • To bring: Sports shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • You will be afforded the opportunity of buying local souvenirs. Bring spare cash as credit cards cannot be used.
  • Lunch is served at approx. 12.30; we get to enjoy the delicious sweet and sour vegetarian local specialities.

We reserve the right to cancel the ride in the event of torrential rainfall. If you wish to cancel or postpone your ride; three possible alternatives are provided:

  • 48h prior to the event = full refund
  • 24h prior to the event = 50% refund
  • on the day of the event = non-refundable

In the event of unexpected bad weather after the ride has begun, the ride shall not be refundable. We will, however, do our best to adapt to the situation and make the remaining journey as pleasant and as satisfactory as possible.


Photos of your ride in Mauritius shall be available on CD for Rs 800.

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants for each ride: 12 persons.


For the entire duration of the ride and for all our rides, a safety vehicle will escort the group on drivable roads.

For the comfort, safety and experience of everyone, all children must (prior to the outing) have a good bike-riding ability and must be at least 1.47m or more in height.


A bit of history

« Nef qui passe, je suis le phare qui demeure… », Robert-Edward Hart

Souillac is a small village of some six thousand inhabitants located in the far south of the island. The long and deep estuary of the Savanne River, free from any coral reef and therefore, allowing boats to dock, encouraged François de Souillac to build a port named Batelage, both for the defence of this region and for trade – Mauritius being an important port of call on the route to India. It even became one of the busiest ports under British rule for the transport of sugar in particular. Today, it is the fishermen, farmers and artisans that bring this charming and picturesque village to life.

Its remoteness from the hustle and bustle of city life, its pristine nature, untamed like the waves which incessantly crash on the Gris-Gris cliffs, are what characterise the natural beauty of Souillac. The spectacular “Roche Qui Pleure” (Weeping Rock), the vegetation sculpted throughout the years by the trade winds, the fabulous sounds of the sea, undoubtedly fuelled the imagination of the poet, Robert-Edward Hart, inviting the later to take to the water and call his home “La Nef” (The Nave). One can visit his grave at the Souillac marine cemetery.