Rs 2,760 ≃ 70 Euros


Will be provided: Entrance in the domaine, Fresh juice, guide, helmet, water, light snack.


This outing in one of the greatest hunting grounds of Mauritius, “Le Domaine de Chasse de Yemen”, is an invitation to contemplate the exuberant nature.

The Trois Mamelles and the Rempart mountain ranges will keep an eye on you all along the journey which will prove to be a memorable intrursion into the Mauritian fauna. Almost one thousand stags, hinds and fawns, curious although wild, will also observe you pedalling on their territory. You will also meet some guinea fowls, peacocks and “cochons marrons”, Mauritian wild boars, all along the seven kilometres of trail within this superb hunting ground not opened to the general public.

Thanks to our electric bikes this trip, accessible to all, adults as well as kids will require a minimum effort from your part thus enabling you to admire the beautiful panorama at your ease.

A cup of coffee before stating the ride, a well merited stop to enjoy a cool drink in the shade near a pond will provide you with the necessary energy to make this journey as pleasant as possible. A guide will accompany you and will help you appreciate the beauty of this unique indigenous nature.

Practical information

Our qualified guides, escorted by a safety vehicle, provide useful and factual information throughout the ride at strategic sites and provide opportunities for you to appreciate the magnificent scenery along the route.

Departure: 8.30 a.m. – Arrival: 12.00 p.m.

  • Starting point: At Yemen estate, Black River at 8:30
  • Finishing point: At Yemen estate, Black River at 12:00
  • Will be provided: coffee, water, homemade juice as well as all entrance fees.
  • To bring: Sports shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • You will be afforded the opportunity of buying local souvenirs. Bring spare cash as credit cards cannot be used.

We reserve the right to cancel the ride in the event of torrential rainfall. If you wish to cancel or postpone your ride; three possibilities are provided as follows:

  • 48h prior to the event = full refund
  • 24h prior to the event = 50% refund
  • On the day of the event = non-refundable

In the event of unexpected bad weather after the ride has begun, the ride shall not be refundable. We will, however, do our best to adapt to the situation and make the remaining journey as pleasant and as satisfactory as possible.


Photos of your ride in Mauritius will be available on CD for a price of Rs 800.

Number of  participants

Maximum number of participants for each ride: 12 persons.


For the entire duration of the ride and for all our rides, a safety vehicle will escort the group on drivable roads.

For the comfort, safety and experience of everyone, all children must (prior to the outing) have a good bike-riding ability and must be at least 1.47m or more in height.


THE BIKES : Enjoy riding our electric VTT bikes (available upon request)

The FatBike : These bikes equipped with oversized tyres (4 to 4.5-inch tyres compared to the tyres of traditional mountain bikes which are only 1.8 to 2.4 inches) have been designed to ride on all terrains such as sand, mountainous areas, off beaten tracks, forests. They boast an unrivalled grip which ensures a smooth and safe trip for the riders!

Electric Bike : An electric power-assisted bike is equipped with an electric motor. As soon as the need arises, the electric motor provides the necessary assistance and helps you move forward, without you having to provide too much effort; let the motor do all the hard work.